Holiday Activities & Food Programme

Holiday activity finder for parents, a purpose-built booking solution for providers, and a birds eye view of providers, bookings, and data for the delivery partner

Who we’re working with

Playwaze are collaborating with several Active Partnerships and delivery partners to provide the best possible digital experience for providers and participants – parents and young people – involved in the Department for Education’s Holiday Activity & Food Programme

Your holiday activity finder provides one place for parents to access all holiday activities

Whether you are a commissioned partner responsible for delivery of a HAF program, or a national, regional, or local provider of holiday activities, Playwaze can provide you with a holiday activity search using our unique finder builder technology.

Activity Finders that are #PoweredByPlaywaze make it easy for your schools, parents, and young people to find all the available holiday activities with easy-to-use filters as well as a list and map view of results.

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A dedicated booking solution for your holiday activity providers

We’ve enhanced our Activities feature so that providers can use it to schedule and take bookings for their holiday activities and camps.

Parents can make bookings for their young people using a unique code, managing their bookings using our parent-child accounts feature. Parents can multi-select dates and complete your customised booking forms, tailored for holiday activity data capture.

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Your bird’s eye view for your funding partner reporting

Reporting on the reach and impact of your funding is difficult when working with a variety of providers. Making all holiday activities available in one place, and processing all free school meal place bookings in the same way makes it easy.

Playwaze provides you with a one-stop-shop solution; for providers to advertise their free school meal places and fpr parents and young people to search and book. Providers can even use the booking system for their paid bookings too.

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