Bring your results to life with leaderboard-style scoring showing names, and attempt, leg, or day breakdowns, and final result totals.
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Create your leaderboards and take entries for your scoreboard-based competitions

Create individual and team leaderboards, and use templates to save time each time you create identical leaderboards. Create entries for your scoreboard-based competitions directly on Playwaze.

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Customise your leaderboards

Leaderboard results can be a number, distance or time. You can denote whether the lowest or highest value is best, and you can allow only a single result – e.g. a race time – or allow entry of multiple attempts – e.g. 3 attempts at each distance in long jump.

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Steps to get setup

Register as a sports organisation or provider
Add what you offer - activities, competitions, challenges, and more
Share with your audience, and watch everyone flock in!

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