Bolsover District School Sport Partnership

2020 - Present

Playwaze are proud to be supporting Bolsover District School Sport Partnership keep children active for 60 minutes a day. Bolsover District began using the Playwaze Challenges feature in October 2020 as a way of keeping their schools and young people engaged in physical activity. Playwaze caught up with Clare Cartwright, School Games Organiser, to find out more about her and Bolsover District School Sport Partnership’s experiences and long-term goals of using Playwaze Challenges.

Clare Cartwright | School Games Organiser, said:

“Playwaze Challenges has enabled us to realise that there was potential to capture a greater group of children and young people across the county by delivering virtually, and consequently shift focus towards not only competition but participation aspects and access for all too”.

What made you decide to take up Playwaze Challenges?

Our main drive in taking up Playwaze Challenges was during the national lockdown and tiered restrictions, we wanted to continue offering our schools support around home activities to keep young people active, but we didn’t have a platform that enabled us to communicate our work with schools, families and the wider community. Playwaze was recommended to us by a colleague who had experience using the platform before and on further investigation, it fitted our priorities perfectly!

How have Playwaze Challenges supported you in delivering wider priorities?

Using Challenges has really helped us deliver our wider priorities during such an uncertain year. We’ve been able to offer our schools virtual challenges, competitions and festivals which has encouraged and provided a way for young people to stay active for at least 60 minutes a day. We’ve also been able to link up with other community groups and together support local community clubs where face-to-face events cannot be offered.

What do you see as the greatest benefit to yourselves, your networks, your schools, and your young people in using Playwaze Challenges?

For us, it’s being able to communicate directly with parents and young people to deliver the challenges, as well as offering our schools support in being able to raise the profile of PE, school sport and physical activity. We hope it will become a Platform where we can support our young people with linking them into wider opportunities and support beyond school. Finally, in addition, we hope that through this direct link with families, we can support our networks wider priorities, such as active travel and healthy eating.

What are your organisations long-term ambitions with Playwaze Challenges?

Our long term ambitions are for all our schools to be engaged in our SSP platform, as well as having their own communities so they can run their own challenges. We’re also really interested in exploring how we can create further opportunities for our young leaders and link them into community volunteering, which we believe some of the other features of Playwaze can help us with.

Would you recommend Playwaze Challenges to a colleague? And why?

Yes, very much so. From an admin perspective, the platform is easy to use and the support that I get from the Playwaze team is very good. The team and I have found that they are very supportive, flexible and are keen to listen to our ideas and enhance the platform to accommodate these needs.  

It’s great to work with an organisation that understands the education and SSP environment’s and are willing to work with us to offer the best to our networks and young people.