Get people active at home with live
💻 streamed and on demand activities 🤳🏻

Don’t let Covid-19 (coronavirus) prevent you from getting people active

We're giving away...

A free online activity widget for your website

to help everyone at home find ways to stay active

Free use of our platform to activity providers

to promote your classes across a network of public activity finders

Organisations promote activities

Any organisation can promote all available live stream and on demand activities to their audience for free by requesting one of our finders and dropping it onto any page of their website

Providers deliver activities

Providers can use our platform for free to help them move from physical to live streaming activities. We will then promote their activities in all the right places and to all the right people.

Providers can also have their own free activity widget to promote their activities on their website, meaning no need to manually add content to a website as it pulls through directly from Playwaze

Everyone gets active at home

Helps everyone at home find and join live streamed activities and classes - through many organisation and provider websites and social media channels - and stay active!

Drop a live stream and on demand activity widget onto your website

It's free!

To help mitigate against the impact of Covid-19, we're giving away free activity finders widgets to help providers deliver virtually and promote their activities, and to help everyone at home stay active.

Its quick and easy to setup

You request your free widget from us, and within 2 working days we'll send it to you to drop onto your website (and we can help with that). Easy-peasy!

It makes online activities easily clickable

So much better than a PDF, everyone at home will be able to find the activity they want to do and click to access it directly.

This is free too!

Again to help mitigate against the impact of Covid-19, we're giving away free use of the Playwaze activity and bookings tool to providers who want to promote their own activities, classes and content online

Manage activities in one place

Manage your activities on the Playwaze platform and we will update it live on your website and everywhere we have published it to instantly.

Promote in many places; it's free marketing

Add your live streamed activities onto Playwaze (for free) and elect to publish them publicly, and we will promote those activities to lots of activity finders, making them searchable in all the right places and to all the right people.