for national
governing bodies

Playwaze is the most functional and flexible web and mobile sports technology platform available to National Governing Bodies for:

  • Competition, activity, club and team management
  • Capturing and analysing participation data
  • Opening your sport's opportunity data
  • Reaching your sport's players & followers via mobile

Competition Management

  • deliver local, regional & national competitions using mobile technology
  • knockout tournaments and plate competitions, multi-division & multi-season leagues, and leagues progressing into knockouts (incl. playoffs)
  • auto-fixture generation with integrated team management, auto league season rollovers, auto-tournament draws & in-app score submissions
  • automated player eligibility & player/team movement rules
  • team management with automated player availability, reminder notifications and online team submissions
  • online & in-app match cards, with fixture & venue details, team selections, score submissions, and integrated messaging and payments
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Activity Management & Open Data

  • deliver any physical activity offer or campaign through a branded mobile app, building participation through increased accessibility
  • open your sport's opportunity data and publish it in your app, as well as any website or activity finder
  • Playwaze is OpenActive (OA) integrated, meaning public activities delivered in our technology can be found via any OA activity finder
  • capture & analyse participation data to help understand, segment & target players of your sport
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Club Management

  • enable your clubs & communities to manage their activities, competitions and teams in a purpose-built mobile app
  • offer your own branded app for increased familiarity and adoption
  • capture and publish all opportunity data harvested from your sport's clubs and communities using your app - free marketing for your sport and organic (admin-free) publishing of open data
  • analyse GDPR-compliant people & participant data from your sport'sclubs & communities
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Participation Data and Analytics

  • As players register and play, Playwaze technology captures their participation data, which can be reported and analysed through user-friendly dashboards
  • Instant & accurate participation data on your sport can enable easier proof of impact and access to funding, and more informed investment decisions
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Safeguarding & Child Protection

  • Parent-child registrations allow parents to manage all their dependant’s activities through a single account, and on mobile, without any child needing to be online.
  • Safeguarding settings protect children & vulnerable participants by hiding personal details & disabling player communication features to mitigate against bullying, intimidation & predatory behaviour

Mobile-Enabled Communication

  • engage participants of your sport using mobile app notifications
  • target by playing habits, demographics and other custom data
  • instantly share text, images, video and attachments via push notifications; a new channel for all your existing content
  • expand reach by engaging followers of your activities, events & participants
  • integrate with CRM to drive an ever more targeted and sophisticated communication strategy

Own-Brand, Integrated & Custom Solutions

  • Get your own solution without building it from scratch
  • Integrate with existing tech, like your CRM or membership systems
  • Harvest participation data straight from your app
  • Fully branded, white labelled apps
  • Your own OpenActive activity finder dropped into your website
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