What is a community?

A Playwaze community is like a facebook or whatsapp group, but with a range of features for organising sport. Playwaze can help you run your group activities, organise your competitions, manage your teams, share news and photos & run events and socials

Getting started

Step 1 - Create a community

Give it a name, select your sport and the choose features you want to kick-off with.

Add members

Step 2 - Add members

Then invite your players. Find out more about the different ways to invite players below.

Create activities

Step 3 - Create Activities

Create your sports group’s activities, like your sessions, competitions, teams & fixtures.

Adding players

There are 4 ways to add players to your community:

Bulk Invite using Excel

easy, if emails are up-to-date!

If you've got everyone's email addresses in excel, you can do a bulk upload & we’ll automatically send email invitations to your players. Be careful though, players may register via the URL or Community Code using a different email address, and you'll have 2 records.

Allow Community Access Requests

Players request, you accept or decline

Community access requests are a great way of letting new players join your community. Optional in community settings, players can find your community and request access using our Community Search; you receive a notification to accept or decline their request.

Add players manually

The old-school manual way

Not advised for large numbers, but you are able to add new players to your community manually. Particularly good when you're face-to-face with a new player and want to get them added quickly and easily.