Return to play safely

Your passion for delivering dodgeball as a club or a coach.

The reach and influence of British Dodgeball.

The technical know-how of Playwaze, the leading digital sports platform.

Together, just think how many people we can get playing dodgeball.

What is Playwaze?

Playwaze is a digital platform for managing and participating in sport and physical activity online and via an app.

How are Playwaze supporting us?

Playwaze is supporting British Dodgeball and all its clubs return to play safely with a new track and trace system for clubs and their members.

Promote your sessions on the British Dodgeball website

Playwaze is powering a brand new activity and club finder on the British Dodgeball website.

British Dodgeball clubs can promote themselves and their sessions on this new finder by managing them on the Playwaze Platform.

Free marketing for your club

By adding your club’s sessions onto the Playwaze Platform and ticking a box to publish them, Playwaze will promote your sessions on websites, apps and activity finders that attract local people looking to get involved in dodgeball.

Track and trace participants

Add your sessions to the Platform and it’ll begin to capture your registrations and bookings. Set a maximum capacity to manage spaces, and get your administrators or coaches to track attendance at each session online or via the Playwaze app so you can contact attendees later should the need arise.

Playwaze is starting free for all clubs

British Dodgeball and Playwaze are offering the new Playwaze web portal and mobile app free until the first week of February (extended from October) to all British Dodgeball clubs.

From then, clubs can continue on the free offer and optionally subscribe to the features they want.

The Free Offer

Free and unlimited use of these features:

With a never-ending trial of each subscription feature:




Push Notifications

Teams & Team Manager




One repeating activity

One tournament

One league

One ladder

One leaderboard

One reward

One course

One volunteering opportunity

The Unlimited Offer

Clubs have the option to subscribe to the features they want to have unlimited access to. As an example, if clubs need to run more than one repeating session for track and trace, they can upgrade to the Activities package for just £15 a month when purchased annually. 


For track and trace at your sessions

Organise unlimited in-person, live-streamed and on-demand activities. Take registrations, manage capacity, track attendance, and communicate with participants.

£ 15

Pricing is per community. Prices shown are when purchased annually. All pricing above is inclusive of VAT.



£ 15
  • Organise unlimited singles, doubles, or team knockout tournaments with online entries and live results


£ 15
  • Manage unlimited singles, doubles, or team round robin and box leagues with online entries and live results


£ 15
  • Deliver unlimited singles or doubles ladders with wildcard and custom challenge spans, and online entries and live results


£ 15
  • Create unlimited leaderboards to capture results for your event-based competitions, with online entries and live standings


£ 15
  • Create a custom scheme and reward your participants with points for getting active, then redeeming points for rewards.


£ 8
  • Organise unlimited courses with online bookings. Award qualifications on successful completion of a course.


£ 8
  • Host unlimited volunteering opportunities that participants can sign up to, before tracking their volunteering hours.

Steps to get setup

Register your club as a community on Playwaze

Add your activities and sessions and tick the box for free promotion

Watch all your new participants and members flock in

Frequently asked questions

Playwaze are a digital platform for managing and participating in sport and physical activity online and in an app.

The Playwaze web portal and mobile app will always be completely free to use to organise one repeating session, tournament, league, ladder, leaderboard, reward, course and qualification. Clubs then have the choice to subscribe to features if they want to run unlimited activities within each of these.

Register your club and start adding your activities and sessions on the new web portal, remembering to click the box for free promotion. Once this has been done, we’ll be able to start promoting them to local people wanting to get involved in dodgeball.